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How to Make A Do it Yourself Classifier

A bucket classifier

This is not the one you will make.

Do it Yourself Classifier

Don’t want to pay for a classifier? Build a classifier for a couple of bucks. Here is how to make one that works well and is simple to make.

Materials and tools needed:

A saw, one 5 plastic bucket, pop rivets and a pop rivet gun, a drill (note: you can do this without pop rivets if you don’t have a pop rivet tool or drill), wire mesh with 1/4" holes, (you don't have to use 1/4” you can use any size you like) about 3-4 inches larger than the diameter of the bucket.

Classifier instructions:

Near the top of the bucket there will be a series of rims. Mark the bucket approximately 4″ below the lowest rim and draw a line around the bucket. Use the saw to cut the bucket at this point. Take bottom piece, not the one that has the handle. Make another mark about 2″ down from the top and cut a ring off about 2 inches wide.

You can throw the rest of the bucket away or if you're into gardening it would make a nice little pot for starting seeds in maybe?

Use this ring you just cut to set on top of the wire mesh. Draw a circle around the ring on the mesh and then redraw it 2 inches further out. Now cut the mesh on the outer circle.

You're going to wrap this mesh onto the 2 inch ring. You may want to cut some vee shapes out of the match to make it easier. Now set the small ring on top of the mesh and fold the mesh up onto the ring. I use builders tape to hold it in place. It just makes the job easier, but it still can be done without it if you don't have any tape.

Now place this ring into the top section of the bucket that's the piece with a handle on. And jam it in as hard as you can. If you plan on doing more than one of these one works really well as to saw a piece of plywood the same size as the ring and placed it on top of the ring to give you something to hit with a hammer as you pound the ring into the bucket.

Now if you feel like it you can drill half a dozen holes and put some pop rivets to help hold it in place. I actually made a couple and didn't bother with the pop rivets was because I was out in the bush and they held up just fine. I still use them I still haven't bothered to use the pop rivets on them.

Depending on where you're working you might want to make two or three of these in various screen sizes. And I guess I don't have to bother telling you how to use them. For those of you that haven't guessed they fit perfectly into the top of a 5 gallon bucket.